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10 years car LED lighting manufacturer
TRENT ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD is engaging in the researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing of auto lights. Such as led headlight bulbs, led fog light bulbs, led brake lights, T10 led bulb, led light bar, led car dome lights and so on, all of which have high components and powerful function enable us to become one of the largest supplier and offers high quality of car parts automotive lighting in China.


2020 03.05

Comprehensive interpretation of LED headlight technology

It is said that the eyes are the window of the soul, for the car, there are a pair of beautiful headlights, like a pair of beautiful eyes to capture the heart. The appearance of

2020 03.05

Six Things You Need To Know About Car LED Headlights

1.The LED headlights of 6000K~6500K color temperature have better illumination effect, and the light emitted by the LED headlights is pure white light, which makes driving at night

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