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Automotive Lighting Manufacturer

TRENT is an automotive lighting Manufacturer. It's a Sedex certified and National High-tech Enterprise, with unique and core competency in R & D, manufacturing and marketing of vehicle lighting products. 

Our factory has more than 120 employees and more than 6 senior engineers in the R&D team, covering an area of ​​4,500 square meters. 

We provide customers with OEM and ODM production services, and are long-term suppliers of many well-known companies, such as American O'Reilly, Wal-Mart, etc. Welcome to cooperate with us!  



Focos Headlight Bulb Series

Focos Headlight Bulb

Car Interior Light Bulb Series

Interior Light Bulb

LED Truck Light Series

Truck Tailgate Light

APP Bluetooth Smart Light Series

Smart interior Light Kit

Accent Strip Light Series

Accent Strip Light

Car LED Accessories

Car LED Accessories

t10 bulb


t10 w5w led bulb, led bulb Canbus,  t10 w5w led bulb

CANBUS T10 W5W Bulb Light 5730 LED*4

t10 led bulb, led t10 Canbus in white, led car light bulb, signal light bulb

CANBUS T10 W5W Bulb 5050LED*5

t10 w5w bulb, led t10 5050 bulb light, trunk light

CANBUS T10 W5W Bulb 5050LED*3

dome light, led interior dome light, led interior 1156 dome light bulb, led interior 1156 dome light bulb for car, car led interior 1156 dome light bulb for car,

Bullet LED 1156 Dome Light Bulb

dome light, led dome light bulb, led 1156 dome light bulb, led 1156 dome light bulb for car, led dome light bulb for a vehicle,

Bullet LED Dome Light Bulb 39MM

t10 194 w5w bulb, car light interior bulb, T10 w5w replacement bulb, led T10 w5w bulb

LED T10 W5W Bulb in Red

car dashboard light

LED T10 W5W Bulb in White



R&D Team

TRENT has more than 6 senior engineers, adhere to independent research and development, focus on technological innovation. R&D investment accounts for about 5% of total sales.

We develop an average of 1 new product per month.

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Customized Solutions

TRENT has strong R&D capabilities, and can develop customized products according to customer requirements and ideas, and can also produce products with your logo (brand). 

We also have a professional product design team, which can design all kinds of exquisite packaging for customers, which can save a lot of time for big companies and small buyers. 


Production Capacity

TRENT has more than 120 employees. Through strict production management, our production capacity is extremely huge, producing at least 3,000 LED headlights every day. The management system enables each worker to develop good working habits and ensures that the production pass rate is about 98%.

Products have been exported to North America, the European Union and other countries and regions, and are growing year by year. The export rate of products is above 99%.

Strict Quality Control

TRENT has extensive experience in quality control and has strict quality management procedures to ensure that our products are stable, durable and reliable. For newly developed products, we conduct continuous life test for at least 1 year.

In our mass-produced products, 100% of the bulbs are subject to a 4-8 hour burn-in test before packaging.



Over 12 Years R&D, production, market experience.
SEDEX & US Walmart certified manufacturer.
High and New technology enterprise granted by Chinese Government.

LED Headlight Features


Focos LED headlight bulb        Titan LEDHeadlight conversion kit led lighting trentled led headlight manufacture ODM & OEM ledlighting


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