4014 LED 3157 Replacement bulb
SMD4014 LED 3157 Replacement led turn signal

3157 Replacement led turn signal bulb with durable brightness and stable performance. They can improve the visibility of your brake lights, reverse lights and turn signals, making your driving safer and more reliable. That's what we do, produce more reliable lights that make your driving safer and more enjoyable.


3157 led turn signal bulbs 300 lumens per bulb, much brighter than a halogen lamp, make your vehicle more visible to other drivers.

3157 led turn signal bulbs 6000K pure white, 360-degree lighting angle, nice and uniform light.

【Canbus Ready for 99% Vehicle Systems】
3157 led turn signal bulbs with CANBUS error-free and non-polar installation design, Just plug and play. LED Interior Bulbs equipped with CANBUS driver to bypass error check for most cars. Built-in intelligent constant current IC driver for better performance

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4014 Replacement led turn signal-3157(P27W/7W) in White
1. LED: 4014 * 39/per bulb
2. Voltage: 12~24V
3. Current: 0.2A
4. Power: 3W
5. Lumen: Around 300
6. Kevin: 6000
7. Constant Current Driving inside
8. 1 bulb as DBBC package

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