5050 LED Accent Blue Strip Light
5050 20'' Accent Blue led strip lighting

The Trent Accent led strip lighting has a flexible 5050 led strip lighting that can be placed wherever you want. A great way to create a relaxed and romantic vibe when traveling with family or lover.

Why Choose Trent Car LED Accent Light Strip?


---Super Bright---

DC12V led strip lighting with 18 ultra-bright White LEDs, high brightness but low power consumption, 9LEDs each strip with wiring harness on each side of the strip, bring you a comfortable and fashionable driving atmosphere.

---Flexible & Mini---

20'' 50cm flexible car light strip, can be bent to any shape for anywhere you want to put it. Mini size & lightweight, convenient to use in the narrow space.


IP67 waterproof, ideal for both car interior and exterior, no need to worry about the rain anymore.

---Easy to Install---

There is double-side adhesive tape on the back of light strip, convenient to install and remove, no effect or damage to car.

---Wide Application---

Car decorate led strip lighting for car motorcycles truck van RV boat vehicle bike bicycle home cabinet room decoration. Also suitable for car footwell, front grille, under car body, underglow, under dash lighting.

10'' (25.5cm) 5050 * 9 led strip lighting-BLUE (2 Strips/set)
1. LED: 5050 LED*9, Sanan 3.0~3.2V /60mA 2. Flexible PCB board *2
3. Epoxy: PU (greyscale: 4~5), IP67 Waterproof, 2 years of anti-yellowing
4. 3M tape#: 4229P
5. Try Me Switch: Plastic, Iron                                   
6. Battery box: PP                                                           
7. Battery Type & Specs: 2PCs of L1028 12V/23A (55MAH, Ø10.1*28.2mm)