h11 bulb
AURORA H11 LED Headlight Bulbs
A H11


Aorura 8SC

h11 bulbh11 bulb

h11 bulb

h11 bulb

BULB POSITION: H7/H11/9005/9012 fit in depend on your vehicle model. If you are not sure which bulb size will fit for your vehicle. Please refer to your original headlight part number or ask for seller directly.

BETTER VISIBILITY: 6500K white light reflect road signs and road paint better to show you clearer road situation; Perfect performance in bad weather,like fog/rain/overcast ect.

SUPER BRIGHT & PERFECT BEAM PATTERN: 7000LM Headlight Enhances your visibility at night. Perfect beam pattern focus light. Stable output, no flicking, no dark spots or shadowed areas.

PLUG AND PLAY:All in one conversion kit can be installed easily. Upgraded LED bulb have same base length as your stock bulb, it will not bust up the reflector cap in the assembly.

COOLING SYSTEM: Aluminum casing, high optical density, powerful built-in hydraulic Cooling Fan, twice faster heat dissipation than generic bulbs. To ensure secure temp and let your LED Headlights bulbs working over 50,000 hours of brilliant continuous light

h11 bulb