h7 bulb
AURORA H7 LED Headlight Bulbs
A H7
h7 bulb:

EXTREMELY SMALL VOLUME-Are you still afraid led h7 bulbs are too big for your housing? TECHMAX Mini Series 9006(HB4) led headlight h7 bulbs are suitable for mostly 95% vehicles, the diameter of  heatsink base is just 30mm.no need modify circuit and punch holes, quickly replacement, easy installation.

STRONG BRIGHTNESS-With CREE Multi-core Eutectic Technology Chips,4700Lux,6500K cool white, combined total of up to10,000 Lumens Per Pair, make our headlight 4 times brighter than original halogen h7 bulb ,strong penetration, better condensing performance.

3D SURROUND STEREO COOLING SYSTEM-Adopted aircraft grade aluminum with high thermal conductivity Nano layer, 0.8mm double-sided laminated copper substrade, built-in high speed heat dissipationg fan, insert EMC Intelligent temperature control system, speed of heat dissipation 5 times faster than other materials. Thermal conductivity up to 400w/m.k.

DIY INNOVATION MINI FAN-Easy Replacement, cost saving, more Humanization. If the fan is defective, you don't need to change the bulb, just press the buckle of heatsink to open the bottom cover of fan by special tools as equiped and pull out the power connector lightly to replace new fan.