Comprehensive interpretation of LED headlight technology


It is said that the eyes are the window of the soul, for the car, there are a pair of beautiful led headlights bulbs, like a pair of beautiful eyes to capture the heart. The appearance of car led lights is like a "contact lens" for headlights, which directly raises the charm index of "eyes" by one level, and its functions are changing with each passing day. I think it's time to learn more about LED headlights.

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Structure diagram of ordinary light-emitting diode(LED)

LED, an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode, has a popular Chinese name. They are now most commonly featured in Lightboxes, signboards, and the indicators and backlights of various appliances. They are also a key component of the taillights, headlights, high brake lights, and daytime driving lights.

What are the advantages of car led headlights?
Since speaking of LED, we must first say why it is so popular, we all know, the current mainstream of car headlights nothing but halogen headlights, HID xenon headlights (high-intensity gas discharge lamp), LED headlights. What are the advantages of the rising LED headlights over the first two types of headlights?


For car lights sources (not limited to headlights) have the following benefits:

  1. Energy-saving and low cost: LED has high luminous efficiency, which is nearly twice that of fluorescent lamps. If we use the example of our daily energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps are four-fifths more energy-efficient than incandescent lamps, and LEDs are one-quarter more energy-efficient than energy-saving lamps. In a car, the LED element USES only 1/20 of the energy of a halogen lamp. The cost of LED components has also dropped dramatically year by year, and costs and prices are still falling by more than 20% a year.

  1. Long life: currently, the LED components used in cars can reach the level of 50,000 hours, and the well-known automotive lighting supplier has been able to provide 100,000 hours of LED components, which is equivalent to 11 years... . In consideration of the use frequency of lights, basically in the design life of the vehicle, LED components do not need to be replaced. By comparison, xenon lamps last only about 3,000 hours...

  1. Good durability: LED components simple structure, impact resistance, shock resistance is very good, not easily broken, can be well adapted to a variety of environments.

  1. LED components are small in size: compact and convenient for layout and modeling design: this is a huge advantage of LED, which fully caters to the evolutionary requirements of automobile manufacturers in design, breaking the shackles of the past lighting system on modeling innovation, allowing us to have more creative automobile products.

  1. Fast response time: the LED only needs to be lit in microseconds, and it can be quickly lit on the taillights and turn signals to achieve a better warning effect. Compared with xenon and halogen headlights, it has a higher response speed and a better guarantee for driving safety.

  1. Low brightness attenuation: LED has high brightness, and its brightness attenuation is much lower than halogen lamp, which is suitable for lighting, brake lamp, turn signal, and other warning lights.

  1. Low voltage direct current can drive, small load, weak interference, low requirements for the use of the environment, good adaptability. Unlike xenon lamps, which require a booster (a hyperbaric barrel).


Why car led lights were invented so late?
Practical led weren't invented until more than 50 years ago, so this time period in the 1960s was considered by many to be the true starting point for led. With the continuous development of technology, LED colors are gradually expanding from the earliest red light, orange, yellow, green... Early led were mainly used for light sources of various instruments and indicators of various devices, and then began to be applied to traffic lights, large display screens and car lights as colors increased.


                         car lights,car led lights,automotive lighting,car led bulb          car lights,car led lights,automotive lighting,car led bulb

Previous led were unable to emit the "white light" needed for headlights because there is no "white light" in the visible spectrum. White light, as seen by the human eye, requires a mixture of blue light + yellow light or a mixture of blue light + green light + red light (the three primary
colors of color TV). Since both methods require blue light, the blue led has become an important node in the development of the white led. Until the end of the last century, with the success of the development of ultra-bright blue LED, the development of white LED has made real progress. The color temperature of white LED is close to that of daylight, and the lighting effect is more natural, more close to the color that human eyes see in the daytime. LED has been engaged in the lighting field since this time.

The methods of LED to synthesize white light are the two methods mentioned above. At present, it is common to use a blue LED chip + yellow phosphor or yellow phosphor filter to make white light LED. Now it is widely used in daytime driving lights and white light LED used as headlamps, which all use the same principle. The appearance of white light LED can also be recorded in the history of the development of LED, which has made a great contribution to improve the color performance of LED and promote the popularization of LED.


                                                                                 car lights,car led lights,automotive lighting,car led bulb

As you may have noticed, many cars started using LED taillights very early on, but LED headlights have become popular in recent years for three reasons:
1.The above-mentioned LED cannot produce white light.

2.LED brightness and cost issues, LED since the formal commercialization of brightness has increased by nearly 100 times, and the price has decreased by hundreds of times (still at the rate of 30 ~ 40% per year), the cost reduction and brightness improvement make LED finally qualified for the headlights of cars.

3.In North America, Europe, and other automotive developed countries, there is no relevant standard for the use of LED headlights in vehicle lights. Since 2005, SAE and ECE have issued relevant standards successively.

                                                                   car lights,car led lights,automotive lighting,car led bulb

In the automobile market, there are more and more models with full LED headlights and full LED light sources. And on the refit market, LED headlight became darling more. More and more owners upgrade LED light sources, making the automotive LED industry develop rapidly and extremely hot.

Undoubtedly, LED headlights with low voltage safety, long life, and energy-saving and other advantages will become the first choice of global automobile brands and users. Small 2 advise 1, early buy early use early enjoy, each old driver should closely follow car light product trend.