Laser headlights? Geometric multi-beam? The technology on the lights finally ushered in a new era?


The laser headlights of Audi A8 and the geometric multi-beam headlights of Mercedes-Benz Maybach S seem to be based on software architecture. Looking back, software is constantly changing people's necessities, and it is nothing new for a mobile phone to go around the world. Now, software development in the field of automotive mobility is in full swing, and the era of software-defined vehicles has arrived. Gaohe HiPhi, as the leader of the army, is known from the evolutionary supercar SUV Gaohe HiPhi X, which is about to debut at the Beijing Auto Show. The lights have not been spared, and it is smarter than the Audi A8 and Maybach S.

On HiPhi X, we saw the world's first evolvable custom digital lighting system. This system consists of PML programmable intelligent headlights and ISD intelligent interactive lights. The interaction can be described in one go, and it has become an important member of the L3-level automatic driving assistance system.

First of all, PML programmable smart headlights are equipped with 2.6 million independently controllable nano-level micro-mirrors that are the same as the new-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and integrates an infrared night vision camera. Through the thinking of independently customizing ECU chips, it can be adjusted independently. Beam intensity and illumination range, the precision has reached the nanometer level.

Since then, when driving HiPhi X, you no longer have to worry about the frequent switching of near and high beams caused by passing cars in the dark; you also don’t have to worry about the dazzling pedestrians who come by because the light is too strong. Because its smart headlights have four driving lighting modes: standard low beam, city high beam, standard high beam, and cluster high beam, vehicle tracking and shielding, driving trajectory prediction, lane departure prompt, blind spot lane change warning, low-speed steering assist, active The level adjustment of the 6 smart lighting functions will be handy, and all of this will be done by its own judgment, without you needing to worry about anything.

At the same time, the social capabilities of PML programmable smart headlights are also outstanding. When a pedestrian crossing is detected at night, the smart headlights can project a "zebra crossing" in front of the vehicle after the vehicle is actively stopped, which can make people feel the warmth of HiPhi X. In addition to projecting zebra crossings, text, images, and even movies, this set of smart headlights will do it for you, book a performance for your loved one, holiday light show, customer self-signature, movie playback, etc., as long as there is HiPhi HiPhi X, there are shows everywhere.

If this set of smart headlights has surprised you, then don't forget the ISD intelligent interactive light system. The system consists of four LED matrices composed of 1712 LED light sources, which can show the shape, function, and chat with people. When working meticulously, the ISD intelligent interactive light supplements the daytime running lights, position lights, turn signals, brake lights and reversing lights with unique styling; through dynamic interactive graphics, including forward collision warning, rear vehicle Seven major driving scenarios, including collision warning, turn-around reminder at intersection, charging status display, vehicle locking reminder, remote control automatic parking display, and pedestrian first reminder, show the outside world their own thoughts.

In a cheerful and relaxed environment, it can intelligently display personalized emoticons or mobile APP DIY, light up your own personal expressions on the car, light up unique scenes with lights, and create an extraordinary atmosphere.

The whole system of Gaohe HiPhi X can judge and think, can be edited individually, and can be updated and evolved. Such intelligent lighting is much ahead of the "light factory" Audi. TA shines on the road in front of us, and highlights the million-dollar luxury car. The aura and the warmth of humanity.