Extension Strip 2pcs 4'' micro connector
4'' Extendable Micro Connector Smart Cables led light extension

Add on to your led light extension kit, making installing lights in hard-to-reach places a snap.
This cable consists of 4 individual wires inside.

Each end of the extension cable has been carefully pre-soldered with a female connector.
You can directly plug this extension wire into your RGB LED strips or led light extension controller to get them connected.

Function 1: Connect between RGB LED strip Controller and 5050/3528 RGB LED strips, to extend your LED strips to the ideal location where you'd like to install them
Function 2: Connect between RGB LED strips, making it possible to install your multiple RGB LED strips in your preferred locations. So, you can remotely control them.

• Includes (2) 4 foot extension wires
• For use with Trent App ambient led light extension.
• Extensions help you reach those hard to reach areas of the vehicle
• Attach to control boxes, light strips, nd extensions via USB micro connector
• 2/per inner