LED T10 W5W Bulb in Red
Crystal T10(194) in Red

TRENT"Crystal"t10 194 w5w bulb In Red

The Crystal t10 194 w5w bulb is 
as transparent as crystal, it may be small but it packs a punch. The mini design is suitable for most 12V vehicles, plug and play. It has a single 0.5W LED that projects perfectly out of any lens or housing.


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t10 194 w5w bulb Key Feature:

[Sturdy Quality] 
t10 194 w5w bulb, strict selection of driver solutions and LED chips, coupled with excellent thermal design, ensure a low failure rate in a wide range of applications.

[Energy saving]
LED t10 w5w bulb has 40lm in 0.3 watts. It saves 90% of electricity and produces much less heat than
traditional bulbs

[Wide application] 
The 194 LED T10 W5W Bulb can be used as an Interior light, Dashboard light, Side indicator, Front position parking light, etc.

[1:1 Design& Plug and play]
t10 194 w5w bulb, same design as the original halogen bulb, which is easy to install and plug and play. Fit for any 194 sockets.


  • Product:194 LED T10 W5W Bulb in Red
  • Kevin: 6500K
  • Color: Red
  • Lumen: 40Lm/bulb
  • Current: 20mA     
  • Guarantee: 12Months
  • Package: 2 bulbs as DBBC package