LEDVANCE successfully delivered 25 million LED bulbs to the Indian government

• Largest single government order for LEDVANCE in nearly 100 years in the general lighting business.
• The project was completed in cooperation with Mullinsen Co., Ltd. (one of the new owners of LEDVANCE).
• It is estimated that 25 million LED bulbs will save the same amount of electricity annually as a medium-sized coal-fired power plant.

LEDVANCE has successfully delivered 25 million LED bulbs to the Energy Efficiency Management Group (EESL) under the Ministry of Electricity of India. The department is responsible for implementing the UJALA initiative of the government of India to "replace all low-efficiency light bulbs with high-efficiency LED light bulbs". In March 2017, LEDVANCE won the project through a public tender, which is also the largest single government order received by the company since its establishment. LEDVANCE worked closely with Mullinsen Limited (MLS) and completed the project on schedule in December 2017; Mullinsen Corporation (MLS), as part of the investment consortium, participated in the acquisition of LEDVANCE under Osram in March 2017. Acquisition work.

Over 100 million kilowatts per hour! According to the UJALA initiative, the Indian government hopes to replace the current low-efficiency bulbs, which are mainly incandescent bulbs, with high-efficiency LED bulbs by 2019, so as to achieve the above energy-saving goals. Since its establishment in January 2015, the Energy Efficiency Management Group (EESL), which is responsible for implementing the UJALA initiative under the oversight of the Ministry of Electricity, has distributed LED bulbs with a total value of over Rs 280 crore to communities across India.

In March 2017, LEDVANCE successfully participated in the public tender held by EESL, defeated many regional and international competitors, and won the contract to deliver 25 million LED bulbs; this is LEDVANCE (formerly affiliated with Siemens). and Osram's business unit, which became a separate company managed by the new owner after March 2017) has the largest single government order in nearly 100 years since its foray into general lighting.

By the end of December 2017, LEDVANCE delivered the last batch of the 25 million 9-watt LED bulbs it ordered to EESL on schedule within the agreed time frame, which was then distributed by EESL. Assuming an average daily use of four hours of LED light bulbs—equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent light bulb—annual power savings would exceed the annual output of a 300-megawatt medium-sized coal-fired power plant operating 16 hours a day.

Erol Kirilmaz, Chief Marketing Officer of LEDVANCE, commented: "The successful completion of this large project with Mulinsen is a good testament to the win-win cooperation between our two companies. At the same time, it also shows that we have close ties with local customers, A sales force and sales support department that can respond quickly to customer requests, such a regional sales mechanism, is very helpful to the successful operation of the business, especially in an emerging market such as India."

Lin Jiliang, executive general manager of Mulinsen Company (MLS), also said: "In the past, we have been discussing the possibility of synergy between the two companies. The successful completion of this project shows that we have successfully achieved synergy. At the same time, we also believe: this It's just the beginning."

On June 7, 2017, LEDVANCE announced at the "Global Lighting Challenge (Global Lighting Challenge)" side event of the 8th Clean Energy Ministerial Conference (CEM8) held in Beijing: strive to sell before 2023 2.5 billion LED light source products, the order of the Indian government is part of it.

(The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) is a forum of countries committed to driving the global transition to clean energy production and consumption. The Global Lighting Challenge is an initiative launched in the winter of 2015 with the goal of driving 10 billion The use of high-performance, high-quality, cost-effective lighting products contributes to the fight against climate change.)