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best led headlight bulb, led 9005 headlight bulbs, 9005 led headlight conversion kit, 9005 headlight
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best led headlight bulb, LED headlight, best-led headlight bulbs, 9005 headlight conversion kit

Titan 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs

Categories: TITAN GH6
Model NO.: T 9005
  • Brand NameTRENT
  • Model Number9005/9006
  • Warranty16 Months
  • CertificationCE&ROHS
  • Voltage12v
  • Light ColorCOOL WHITE

Replacement best led headlight bulb 9005 9006 H10 LED Headlights Wholesale

best led headlight bulb Wholesale supplier is here, TRENT is a professional automotive LED lighting manufacturers (engages in best led headlight bulb wholesale) with over 12 years experience. Titan best led headlight bulb Conversion Kit is super birght with 7000Lm Pure white light, completely improves drivers’ visibility. And, TRENT products are very high quality and durable with Warranty service.

Why Trent?

   ● High quality products: Trent focus on high and mid market.

   ● Best Price: We are manufacturer, our price is without middleman cost.

   ● SEDEX approved company: As the supplier of US Walmart, we get SEDEX approval, we are reliable manufacturer.

   ● Professional R&D team: Trent has strong R&D ability to develop your dream products.

Why choose Titan best led headlight bulb?

1. 400% Brightness VS Halogen Bulbs

   ● Pro best led headlight bulb is 40Wattage Max/Bulb, with Newest Taiwan LED chip, can project Max 7000Lm light.

   ● Pure White color light (6500K), much more cool and clear view.

   ● More than 200 meters irradiation distance and wider angle, greatly increases drivers’ visibility, see further and wider.

2. Long Lifetime & Sustainable Brightness

   ● Copper PCB board and Aviation aluminum bulb body.

   ● Powerful cooling fan with 50,000 hours lifetime for fast heat dissipation.

   ● Only around 95℃ (203°F) working temperature of LED chip, most of other companies products are more than 120℃ (248°F).

   ● Very stable super brightness, no much luminance decay.

3. 360° Adjustable socket

   ● The best led headlight bulb angle can be adjusted based on your need for best focus beam pattern.

   ● Combined 9005(HB3) 9006(HB4) H10(9140/9145) sockets as one compatible item, no need to stock so many items.

4. Super mini size for best fitment

   ● Only Ø37*76mm (Ø1.45″*2.99″), very close to halogen bulb, can fit more than 95% vehicles, except some special headlight assembly like Volkwagen Golf, Jetta etc.

5. Flickering issue

   ● If a few vehicles have flickering issue with our best led headlight bulb, it’s due to sensitive on board computer. To fix it, please connect a pair decoder or resistor.

Product Application

   ● Headlight Reflectors.

   ● Headlight Projectors.

   ● Fog Light.


best led headlight bulb

Product Specification

   ● Product: Titan best led headlight bulb Conversion Kit 9005/9006/H10

   ● Item No.: 31113

   ● LED Chip: ETI from Taiwan

   ● Power: 40W/bulb Max

   ● Voltage Input: DC12V~24V

   ● Current: Maximum 3.0A

   ● Lumen: 7000Lm

   ● Color: 6500K Ultra White

   ● Fan: Hydraulic Fan

   ● Working temperature: -40℃~80℃ (-40°F~176°F)

   ● Lifespan: 30,000 hours

   ● Warranty: 16 Months


All items of Titan best led headlight bulb

Single Beam

Socket fitment

H/L Beam

Socket fitment






H8, H9, H11, H16JP


H13, 9008


9005(HB3), 9006(HB4), H10(9140/9145)


9004(HB1), 9007(HB5)



12 Years Automotive LED Lighting Manufacturers -TRENT

As a professional automotive best led headlight bulb manufacturers in China, TRENT focuses on high quality product, and we provide the below service:

   ● Customized Design Service. Trent LED has a very expert R&D Team and Art Design Team, can make product modification, new product design and Package design for customers.

   ● Warranty Service. We provide 16 months warranty service for Titan best led headlight bulb conversion kit.

   ● Professional Technical Support: available in Live Chat and email.

Business Information

   ● Business type: B2B, ODM or OEM.

   ● Company type: Car LED Light Factory , Automotive LED Lighting Manufacturers (Guangdong province, China).

   ● Client type: best led headlight bulb Wholesale / retailers / trade companies / chain store in car part territory and super market.

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