Three-quarters of the LED bulbs sold in the Indian market do not meet the standard?

According to India's "Economic Times" report on October 30, market research firm Nielsen said in a survey on Monday (30th) that three-quarters of LED light bulbs sold in the Indian market did not meet the government's consumer safety standards.

Based on a July survey of 200 e-tailers in major cities including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and New Delhi, the report found that some products are fake and pose security risks, with India's capital New Delhi finding has the highest number of fake products.

According to the report, fake and unlicensed LED products not only pose a serious threat to organized and compliant market players, but are also detrimental to the implementation of key government programs, such as the "Make in India" program, which aims to build a more Many manufacturing companies.

In August, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) had ordered LED manufacturers to register their products with BIS for safety inspections. India is tightening quality controls on consumer and capital goods, officials said, calling for a move to curb cheap imports from China in light of diplomatic tensions at the border between the world's two most populous countries.

The report also said that "fake products also affect government tax revenue, etc., while violating the 'easy to do things' business philosophy". The survey results showed that 48% of LED bulb brands did not mention the manufacturer's address, and 31% did not have the manufacturer's name.